HD Pattern

HiDef Pattern™
High definition pattern system for lost wax casting

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In the four thousand years of lost wax casting an alternative to wax has been long overdue.

The HiDef Pattern™ process is a patented system for the production of sacrificial patterns used in lost wax casting. It is now possible to produce metal mold quality plastic patterns in clear silicone RTV molds at a fraction of the cost.

Finally it is possible to produce perfect duplication with shape memory, glass like surfaces, crisp corners, exacting fine detail, with strength and flexibility that has been impossible to achieve in traditional wax.

At the heart of this patented process is a low viscosity liquid polymer that mold cures quickly to a finished flexible plastic pattern.

HiDef is the missing link in reproducing master patterns from machined wax patterns and RP/Stereo Lithography masters produced in Cad/Cam. The photo above shows the detail of a HiDef pattern produced in a RTV mold from a machined wax master.

Designed primarily for the fine jewelry industry, HiDef is also suitable for castings in any industry where precision counts.

Clean and crisp detailed castings can be achieved in shell casting, gypsum investment, and phosphate bonded investments, with recommended burn out cycles used for wax.

HiDef produces an extremely low loss rate as compared to wax patterns in terms of breakage and incomplete fills. Parts come away easily from the mold without the need for mold release agents. Unlike wax, HiDef patterns have infinite shelf life and their toughness allows for bulk storage. The system produces consistent quality without the skill level needed for injection wax.

Beta testing is now completed. HiDef Pattern™ will soon be available through distributors to retailers, manufacturers, and model makers of any size.