Take jewellery creation to the next

levelwith Revo540CX.

ce_certifiedA fully enclosed CE certified model is available in EU countries only

Trust the experts to help take your jewellery designs all the way from the screen to a precision wax model ready for casting. Decades of experience in jewellery CAM gives us a jewellery-specific and jeweller-friendly approach to computer aided manufacturing. Our innovative and time-saving features, comprehensive training, and unparalleled user support make sophisticated CAM output easy. And the Revo540CX comes with everything you need to start milling right away.


How it Works
Built on the time-tested and ultra-reliable Revo C platform, Gemvision’s next-generation CX mill uses advanced technology to turn your 3D Matrix designs into real wax models. Innovative fixtures hold a wax blank while a high speed cutter removes wax material revealing your design in easily castable green jewellers wax. Make tedious hand carving a thing of the past. Take advantage of the speed, precision, smooth surface finish, and exact repeatability of Revo milling.


  • Revo540CX milling machine
  • Upgrade to mill version of Matrix software
  • Dual High speed NSK spindle unit
  • 4-Axis control unit and software
  • G-Code generation software built into Matrix
  • Integrated laptop computer system
  • Tool-less quick-change fixtures for rings and flat work
  • All required cutting tools and a starter set of wax
  • Comprehensive Training at Gemvision
  • 1 year exceptional Gemvision Technical Support

Innovative Features

dual_spindlesDual spindle technology saves time.
The Revo540CX has two high-speed spindles that approach the model from two different directions in the same run giving you a sophisticated approach to milling than has never before been available in the jewellery industry. This exclusive configuration allows you to mill virtually any model in a single operation without the hassle of changing fixtures or part position. Set up becomes easier, models are more precise, and jobs complete faster. Two different cutters can be installed in each spindle, and the inside of a ring can be completely hollowed out without sacrificing stability or accuracy.


Simplified fixtures.
Years of research and development have led to a streamlined series of four ultra-versatile and easy-to-use fixtures that can be changed by hand without any tools. The new Dual 3-Side Flex fixture adjusts to fit a wide range of wax sizes.


Beautiful jewellery starts on the surface.
Gemvision advances in toolpath technology translates to advances in surface finish. Every part of the Revo540CX – including cutters, wax, cutting speed, and toolpath generation – work together to produce the highest level of surface finish.


Go big with your Revo business.
A Revo exclusive, Bangle Builder is a complete software, hardware, and wax blank solution for producing large bangle bracelets up to an outer dimension of 90mm.




Easy setup and monitoring.
Starting a milling project is easy with software that analyzes your design, recommends the most effective strategy and fixture, and provides step-by-step instructions. You can then keep tabs on the job using Revo’s exclusive mobile web monitoring.


Dual pump technology keeps it cool.
Milling wax models with ultra-precision and a high level of surface finish requires both the narrowest possible tools and the highest possible cutting speeds. To allow for this superior performance, both tools and wax must be kept cool. The Revo540CX features a dual pump and filter system to ensure proper coolant levels and recirculation of coolant to produce the best results.